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Enstream offers  energy efficiency installations, project management, energy management as well as consulting for your properties. We have broad and solid expertise in energy technologies. Welcome to us and please get in touch with the challenges you are facing and we can help you.

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Our solutions for energy optimization

Ground source heat pump and free cooling

Get stored solar energy from the ground to heat your property in the winter or use the mountain to cool the property in the summer.

Exhaust Air Recycling

Recover the energy in the hot air that blows straight out onto the roof.

Solar cells & hybrid panels

Produce your own electricity and heat for your property, directly from the sun’s rays.

IMD - Shared electricity

Reduce residents’ electricity costs by pooling all subscriptions and reducing fixed charges.

Energy management & services

We help you with technical management both remotely and on-site.

Smart control & energy optimization

We provide you with self-learning and automatic energy management, saving you energy and money.

Ventilation units

Enstream can provide you with new ventilation units that will be a boost for both the property owner and the residents.

Battery storage and frequency regulation

The possibility to store solar energy with batteries for use at night or to manage power tariffs.

Consultancy, energy declaration & energy audit

We can help you with energy audits of large property portfolios or individual buildings.

Solceller installerade av Enstream. I bakgrunden syns globen.

Energy saving defines us!

At Enstream, we are your long-term partner for energy savings.
Our guiding principles in our daily work are energy conservation, a good relationship with the customer and staying in line with global sustainability developments.

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Selected references in energy saving

Bild på en kommersiell fastighet som valt Enstream för installation av bergvärme.

Geothermal heating with free cooling - Tennis Stadium

The Tennis Stadium wanted to modernise, reduce their heating costs and improve the indoor climate, so they chose geothermal heating and free cooling. We drill 15 energy wells and install geothermal heat pumps and fan coil units to cover the property’s heating and cooling needs.

Installation year: 2021
Savings: 625 000:- / year

Bild på BRF Tulpanträdet som låtit Enstream uppdatera deras ventilationssystem.

FTX unit - BRF Tulpanträdet

The ventilation system for the association’s 130 apartments was updated from the existing supply and exhaust air system without recycling to a new supply and exhaust air system with recycling.

Installation year: 2020
Savings: 400 000:- / year

Illustrerad bild på vasakronans hus på östermalm.

Self-produced electricity for Vasakronan

Vasakronan chose to go with Enstream for self-produced electricity in their property located in the middle of Stureplan in Stockholm.

Installation year: 2024
Savings: 70 000:-/year

The safe choice for your property

At Enstream, we have long and solid experience in the design and project management of energy installations. We know property and energy systems!


Our project managers and co-founders have project managed 100s of successful installations.

Best solution for you

We’ll tell you what solutions are technically possible for you and how much money you’ll save.

Turnkey contracting

We’re with you every step of the way, with full technical responsibility, so you get the product you expect.


Weekly project reconciliation so you always have full visibility of what’s happening in your property.


A facility that works today, tomorrow and 30 years from now.

Monitoring and control

Connected modern energy systems that can be easily monitored and controlled for optimal performance.

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We are your long-term partner for energy savings. Enstream follows our constant guiding principles: contributing to climate action, satisfied customers and solutions optimised in terms of energy and economy.

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