Solar cells & hybrid panels

Produce your own electricity and heat for your property, directly from the sun’s rays. We also take care of the roof replacement if needed.

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Optimize the energy consumption of your building

Enstream works with the latest generation of solar cells.
We analyze your property and assess which PV solution is most suitable in your unique case. With smart photovoltaic technology, you reduce your energy consumption and you can sell the surplus electricity. We can also provide you with highly efficient hybrid panels that produce both electricity and heat. These are used to complement one of our heat pump solutions or your existing heat pump.

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How do solar cells and hybrid panels work?

When the sun’s rays hit the solar panel, an electrical voltage is created between the front and back of the panel’s silicon cells. This voltage forms a current that is converted in an inverter to be used in the building. Modern solar cells produce electricity even when the sun is in the clouds, and with hybrid panels you also get a solution for heating.

Enstream engineers perform calculations and assess which options are best for you. Whether you choose solar or hybrid panels, you get a future-oriented solution. Renewable energy production with solar panels is also very attractive to many potential property buyers and can therefore increase the value of your property.

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General contractor = security throughout the project.

Enstream is with you all the way – from analysis and proposal of solutions to implementation and commissioning. We are a general contractor and work according to ABT 06 to provide you with a secure overall solution where we are responsible for all parts.

In the projects, we always hold continuous reconciliations with you as the client so that you can feel secure that the project is proceeding according to plan.

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Partnership with Enstream

Enstream is your ideal partner for enhancing property owners’ parking spaces. We specialize in designing and producing solutions that optimize each parking space, create added value and turn it into a source of income.

Turnkey solutions

We manage the installation of our structures and follow industry standards. After installation, we offer a five-year warranty & service, in addition to product guarantee. This underlines our commitment to delivering a total solution from initial sketch to completed installation.

Create added value for your spaces

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We are your long-term partner for energy saving. Enstream follows our constant guiding stars; to contribute to climate work, satisfied customers and solutions optimized with regard to energy and the economy.

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