Smart Management & Energy Optimization

We provide you with self-learning and automatic energy management, saving you energy and money.

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Optimized building operation with innovative technology

Enstream can provide you with self-learning and automatic energy management, saving you energy and money. You get a reliable solution with innovative technology. Your building is equipped with humidity and temperature sensors that collect data and ensure that your energy system works optimally whether it’s hot summer or harsh winter.

Better living comfort

With energy management, you also get a more comfortable indoor environment where the indoor temperature is exactly as you want it.
The system automatically adapts to the prevailing conditions, taking into account factors such as temperature, sunlight and humidity.
In addition, the property owner can get detailed information and statistics on temperature and energy consumption. Temperature and other parameters can be adjusted at the touch of a button on a mobile phone or computer.

Property owners and BRF

Enstream provides all types of properties with smart control.
All buildings are heated in much the same way and the technology to optimize heating with smart control is applicable in almost all houses. According to experience, we can state with measurements that energy use decreases between 5-10% after an investment in Smart control. Contact us and we will tell you more!

General contractor = security throughout the project.

Enstream is with you all the way – from analysis and proposal of solutions to implementation and commissioning. We are a general contractor and work according to ABT 06 to provide you with a secure overall solution where we are responsible for all parts.

In the projects, we always hold continuous reconciliations with you as the client so that you can feel secure that the project is proceeding according to plan.

How does an installation work?

During installation, sensors are installed in all or some apartments, to measure temperature, humidity and other necessary parameters around the building. Transmitters and receivers are installed in the sub-center to keep in touch with the sensors in the building. The service is connected to the existing control system.

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We are your long-term partner for energy saving. Enstream follows our constant guiding stars; to contribute to climate work, satisfied customers and solutions optimized with regard to energy and the economy.

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