Geothermal Heat Pump and Free Cooling

Collect stored solar energy from the ground to heat your property in winter or use the rock to cool it in summer. With a ground source heat pump, you pay for about a quarter of the energy your property needs. Depending on the conditions, you can expect a roughly halving of your heating costs. If the property has a cooling need, it can be met virtually free of charge by investing in boreholes that are cold in the summer.

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Reducing CO2 emissions

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Reduce your heating costs by up to 50%

Enstream assesses the potential of geothermal energy in your unique case.
We analyze your property and calculate the payback period of your investment. With a modern geothermal heating system, you can reduce your heating costs by up to 50%. You reduce your property’s energy consumption immediately while increasing its value for a possible future sale.
What’s more, you’ll be doing the environment a big favor by switching to a renewable energy source.

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How does Geothermal Heating Work?

Geothermal energy uses the stored solar energy in the bedrock and is a technology that replaces district heating as the primary heat source.

A number of holes are drilled into the bedrock, to a depth where the temperature is constant at 6-8°C all year round. Collector hoses are used to pump a coolant liquid into the hole, where it is heated by the rock and then pumped back to the heat pump. Using a compressor and heat exchanger, the energy is recovered in the pump and distributed to the building’s hydronic heating system. The now-cooled brine is pumped back into the rock to recover new energy.

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General contractor = security throughout the project.

Enstream is with you all the way – from analysis and proposal of solutions to implementation and commissioning. We are a general contractor and work according to ABT 06 to provide you with a secure overall solution where we are responsible for all parts.

In the projects, we always hold continuous reconciliations with you as the client so that you can feel secure that the project is proceeding according to plan.

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We are your long-term partner for energy saving. Enstream follows our constant guiding stars; to contribute to climate work, satisfied customers and solutions optimized with regard to energy and the economy.

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