Ventilation Unit

Exhaust and supply air ventilation with recovery (FTX system).
A ventilation system that we find both in homes but also perhaps most commonly in commercial and industrial premises.

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Tailor-made ventilation units from Enstream

Enstream can provide you with new ventilation units that will be a boost for both the property owner and the occupants. We analyze your property and propose a tailor-made solution. With modern ventilation units adapted to your unique situation, you get better air and indoor climate while significantly reducing your operating costs.

How to achieve better indoor climate and lower energy costs

Many properties with exhaust and supply air ventilation with recovery (FTX) currently have units that were installed when the property was built. In many cases, these are over 30 years old and should therefore be replaced for maintenance reasons. In addition to this, the recovery of these is often low, about 30-50%, while new modern units recover up to 85% of the heat. If you have exhaust and supply air without recovery, installing modern FTX units can provide very good savings.

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Central location of the ventilation units

Modern FTX units provide optimal ventilation for all apartments and premises. The central location of the units means that changing to new units is quick and cost-effective to carry out without residents and tenants having to be disturbed in their apartments and premises.

General contractor = security throughout the project.

Enstream is with you all the way – from analysis and proposal of solutions to implementation and commissioning. We are a general contractor and work according to ABT 06 to provide you with a secure overall solution where we are responsible for all parts.

In the projects, we always hold continuous reconciliations with you as the client so that you can feel secure that the project is proceeding according to plan.

How does an installation work?

Enstream helps you all the way – from analysis and solution proposals to implementation and operation.

We take care of the entire installation of your new ventilation units.
We calculate, design, project manage, demolish, build, install and then hand over a fully commissioned system.

In the projects, we always hold continuous reconciliations with you as the client. Every week you will receive a summary of what has been completed so that you are always informed about what is happening in the project.

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We are your long-term partner for energy saving. Enstream follows our constant guiding stars; to contribute to climate work, satisfied customers and solutions optimized with regard to energy and the economy.

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