IMD – Shared Electricity

Reduce residents’ electricity costs by consolidating all subscriptions and reducing fixed charges.

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Efficient and environmentally friendly electricity management

Enstream helps landlords and housing associations to introduce Individual Metering and Billing (IMD), also known as Shared Electricity.
You reduce electricity network costs while each tenant and owner-occupier pays only for their own energy use. IMD has a positive impact on both electricity costs and the environment in general.

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How does IMD work?

The switchboard is adapted to IMD and new electricity meters are installed. Each individual electricity network contract is replaced by a single contract for the whole property.
The fixed charges are paid by the landlord or the housing association, which then charges the tenants and apartment owners for the actual consumption. Everything from metering to billing can be automated, making IMD a very flexible solution.

Suitable for electricity, water, heating and charging points

IMD can be used for much more than electricity. At Enstream, we can help you implement individual metering and billing for electricity – but also for water, heat and charging points. There are many advantages to paying only for your own consumption and not for your neighbor’s.

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Did you know that...?

General contractor = security throughout the project.

Enstream is with you all the way – from analysis and proposal of solutions to implementation and commissioning. We are a general contractor and work according to ABT 06 to provide you with a secure overall solution where we are responsible for all parts.

In the projects, we always hold continuous reconciliations with you as the client so that you can feel secure that the project is proceeding according to plan.

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We are your long-term partner for energy saving. Enstream follows our constant guiding stars; to contribute to climate work, satisfied customers and solutions optimized with regard to energy and the economy.

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