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Installing optimal systems for energy use provides a noticeable saving in energy consumption directly, while being a positive measure for the environment. Read more below about how Enstream helps BRFs to become more environmentally friendly and efficient in their energy use.

Comprehensive solution

Enstream is a turnkey contractor offering first-class energy systems and is your obvious partner in achieving energy-efficient electricity use. We offer a complete solution and take responsibility for the entire process, from design to implementation.

Increase property value

We help our customers increase the value of their condominiums by making them more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. An energy-efficient property also means a property with low operating costs. Low operating costs are linked to a high property value.

Reducing energy costs

We are focused on helping housing associations reduce their energy costs by offering customized solutions. These solutions are designed to optimize the consumption of energy, leading to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly condominium.

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Your long-term partner for energy savings in housing associations

Enstream has long specialized in housing associations as its primary customer. We have long experience and understanding of how the housing association’s decision-making processes work and have great respect for it. Although the technical systems in different houses work in the same way, all properties are different and must be looked at in detail to capture a whole. We assess all the property’s energy systems and make a total assessment of what needs to be done to find the right way to go. What we help the association with is to implement renewable sustainable solutions at the lowest total cost. We usually work as a turnkey contractor for the association’s greatest security and bear the responsibility from design to finished built product.

Some of our customers

Past customers who invested in a sustainable future!

BRF Gnistan

Installation of exhaust air recovery

BRF Gnistan is a housing association located in the old Ericsson office from 1891 on Döbelnsgatan. The association has a strong focus on reducing costs and maintaining a strong financial position, something that Enstream could help with.

To achieve its energy goals, the board decided to invest in Enstream’s exhaust air recovery. The installation was carried out in 2021 and resulted in savings of SEK 120,000 per year. This investment shows BRF Gnistan’s commitment to improving its finances while contributing to a more sustainable future with environmentally friendly energy use.

BRF Österbäcken

BRF Österbäcken chose geothermal heating

Already in 1991, when Enstream planned the energy system in the property, geothermal heating was recommended.At that time, district heating was chosen because the installation cost was lower. Now, 30 years later, the association has had enough of expensive heating costs and we are installing geothermal heating to completely get rid of district heating.

Optimizing electricity consumption in condominiums & contributing to a green future

To improve energy use in condominiums, there are many measures you can take. Some examples include installing energy-efficient heating systems, modern FTX ventilation, solar panels or smart energy management.These changes will reduce your condominium’s energy costs, improve the living conditions of the owners, increase the value of the property and contribute to a sustainable future.

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Enstream has a long and solid experience when it comes to both the design and implementation of energy technology systems in buildings.
We work with technology for heat recovery, heating, cooling and renewable energy sources such as solar cells and battery storage.

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